Women's Lingerie

Women's Lingerie from Effleure Inc.

Lingerie is made to add that little something extra, to bring out her femininity and her beauty. Now, imagine if that beautiful lingerie also smelled like heaven, in addition to looking like a slice of it too. Exactly. That is what our customers find with our women's lingerie line, the perfect combination of lingerie that is easy on the eyes, and that smells great too. Welcome to Effleure, and welcome to our line of scented lingerie, designed and scented in Canada, and worn everywhere.

Like jeans are the typical everyday dress code and dress pants are for when you want to look polished, sharp, and classy, women's lingerie is the dress pants of women's underwear. Anyone who knows or who has shopped Effleure, however, knows that we offer much more than great-looking lingerie, we make lingerie for the eyes and the nose. With great scents that only add to the allure, the mystique and the beauty of lingerie, our lingerie line is scented using our top-secret process.

If you would like to learn more about our great line of sensual and great smelling lingerie, then contact our professional and helpful team at Effleure, and experience the Effleure difference. Made with quality, designed and created with care, and scented using a specialized and secret process, there is no other lingerie line like ours.

At Effleure, we have also been trying to do our part to help stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have structured part of our facility to begin producing face masks. So if you or your company are looking for face masks, and by the way, they are scented too, then contact us for more information. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for shopping Effleure, where looking great never smelled so good!