Scented Lingerie

Smell as Good as You Look with Scented Lingerie

People are stimulated in many different ways, and it is one of the keys to our love for lingerie because sight is one of the greatest stimulants we know. The looks of that lace fabric as it adorns those softest most hidden parts of your body, and those thin lines that trace our hips, shoulders, and back, they are simply beautiful to behold. It is those visions that act to excite the mind and imagination, and that is part of the allure of lingerie. Welcome to Effleure Inc. and if you are looking for a beautiful and unique line of lingerie, then look no farther. If you are looking for a lingerie manufacturer near me, as a black label manufacturer, we can do that too!

At Effleure Inc., our lingerie line does more than stimulate the eyes because our scented lingerie also invites our sense of smell to intensify the look, the feel, and beauty of your lingerie. Imagine the soft scents of vanilla or hints of lavender as they lay their head on your shoulder, only adding to the hint and peeks of your lingerie that lies beneath. This is an experience that you will only find in our lingerie line. While we can help if you are a company looking for a lingerie manufacturer near me, our top-secret scenting process will remain just that, top-secret.

If you are looking for a little something extra or if you want to add to the stimulation and excitement of your already sexy lingerie, then our scented lingerie line might be just what you are looking for. To place your order or for questions about our lingerie line, contact our friendly and helpful team at Effleure Inc., and smell as good as you'll look in lingerie from Effleure.