Our Scenting Process

Long-Lasting and Safe for the Skin

Want to make your products unique and stand apart from the competition? Infuse them with scent!

Our tried-and-tested secret scenting process infuses the scent into the fabric so there is no direct contact with the skin. It's as safe as taking a bubble bath! And the scent will last multiple (hand) washes. It's a really novel process that has wonderful customer appeal and sales potential.

Choose from a variety of essential and fragrance oils, a blend for every style and mood. For more information on our scenting process, please contact virginia@effleurelingerie.com.

cosmetic products

Maintaining Mental Wellness

cosmetic products

The benefits of essential oils are well-known and used in meditation and yoga practices worldwide. Some blends can reduce anxiety and help with insomnia and depression. Others invigorate and provide mental focus and clarity. Why not infuse them into accessories held closely to your nose for a continual stream of uplifting and/or calming aroma?


Our essential oil blends that we infuse into our face and eye masks will help maintain mental wellness...and they just plain smell wonderful. Please contact virginia@effleurelingerie.com for more information.

Wholesale Inquiries

Looking for a new, unique brand to offer your customers? Effleure scented lingerie and masks are available for wholesale purchase!


If you are a small boutique, large retailer or online store and you are interested in carrying Effleure scented products, we provide fast shipping and competitive pricing. Please contact virginia@effleure.co for more information or to place an order.