Lingerie Manufacturer

Canada's Lingerie Manufacturer

Lingerie manufacturing is a process and it is an art. As a lingerie manufacturer, our team at Effleure Inc. respects that honor and those beautiful, delicately designed, and storied pieces of barely-there clothing we call lingerie. We offer our clients everything from lingerie that is scented to providing black label services for companies that are looking for a lingerie supplier. We are Effleure Inc. and we are Canada's lingerie manufacturer.

From the mind and heart of its founder, Virginia Marcolin, Effleure began and found its niche as a scented lingerie manufacturer. And Effleure wasn't always Canada's lingerie manufacturer, at least not entirely as the production of Effleure's lingerie line was originally in Bangladesh. As fate and fortune would have it though, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company moved their lingerie manufacturing to an already operating lingerie manufacturing facility (Olga Lingerie Ltd.) in Montreal. That also happens to be where Effleure Inc. uses its top-secret process to fragrance their lingerie. And the rest, as they say, has been history.

Now, that quality craftsmanship, our amazing scenting line of lingerie, and that Effleure feel and look is available to everyone. If you have questions about our line or about ordering your own scented lingerie or masks, contact our experienced and helpful team at Effleure Inc. Look amazing, and smell edible with the variety of looks and scents you'll find in our lingerie line, and experience the Effleure difference. It is a difference that you will notice, and they will too, even before the great aroma of your scented lingerie hits the air.