Face Mask Manufacturer

We Are Also a Face Mask Manufacturer

If you know us by name, then you probably think of Effleure Inc. as that company that makes that sexy, alluring, and great smelling line of lingerie. That's right, we are Effleure Inc. and we are known for our great line of scented lingerie, but today we are also a face mask manufacturer too. The age of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much about how we live, work, shop, and interact with one another. In many situations today, masks are being required, and those new dictates have also resulted in a face mask shortage. It didn't take long for our team to realize that our facility could be set up for face mask manufacturing.

Now, Effleure Inc. does more than make our unique and highly-sought after line of scented lingerie, but we also work as a face mask manufacturer to help meet the need and demand for masks. Face mask manufacturing is only our way of doing our part to help keep people safer, and we also use essential oils with our mask production to help promote a sense of well-being.

Thanks for stopping by and if you need to order face masks or want to find that perfect lingerie set, the one that looks great and smells amazing, then contact our friendly and helpful team at Effleure Inc. From face masks to keep us safer to that perfect piece of lingerie, look good and smell great with the Effleure Inc. line today.