Face Mask

If You Have to Wear a Mask Why Not Make It a Scented Face Mask?

The world today looks much different than it did only a few short months ago. Now, it seems like walking into every store, every public location, and everywhere we look, feels like the scene out of some futuristic movie where everyone is required to wear masks. Then we realize, this isn't a movie, this is the age of the face mask and this is the time of the COVID pandemic. The good news is, that although masks are mandated in many situations, it won't always be this way. While it is though, why not wear a scented face mask if you have to wear one?

As a lingerie manufacturer, we have recognized the ability to meet a need, and at Effleure Inc. we have transitioned much of our production process to have the capability to produce face masks too. Like most things we do here at Effleure Inc., just making a typical face mask wasn't enough, and it only made sense that since we already manufacture lingerie that is scented, we should also make a scented face mask - so we did.

If you are looking for a face mask that is stylish, and that smells great, then contact our helpful Effleure Inc. team to order yours now. And while you're here, feel free to shop our amazing line of scented lingerie, and find something that smells as good as it looks.